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"So Absolutely Waterproof, We Guarantee Your Deck Against Leaking for 30 Years!"

Offering the World's Only 30 Year Guarantee Against Your Deck Leaking!
How To Install Vinyl Deck Covering
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Part of Grant's great success is achieving a level of confidence which allows him to offer the world's only 30 year guarantee against your deck leaking, are the tools he's developed.  These tools are used solely by Grant and his men.  They galvanize our deck skins to your deck in tight, never before possible, situations.  Like what?  Like where your patio sliding door meets your deck's flooring.  This is the number one place that 99% of all failed deck waterproofing installers fail.  That's why no one, other than Grant, backs his installations with 30 years. . .
Because no one else can!


In this short video Grant Barlow explains the specialized, one-of-a-kind tools he uses to install our vinyl waterproof deck skins.  He even shows off a specialized tool he invented that allows him to give your deck the crispest, sharpest right-angle bends so that you never damage your deck skins with chair legs, plant stands, or anything else.  It's pretty cool.  It's also only available from My WaterProof!

In this short video Grant takes you through a complete "heat welding" demonstration showing how strong his Vinyl Deck Skins are.  The video was shot at the 2009 Home & Garden Show where Grant booked many installations even with the now current economic crisis gripping the United States.  It shows people want quality more now than ever

Of course, what separates any successful deck waterproofing project, isn't just the tools that are used.  It's the skill and experience of the installers.  No one trains and retrains their employees more than Grant Barlow.  No one.  When you're. . .


It's as simple as that.  Call Grant now to discuss your project.  Start the conversation.  You will learn so much speaking to him.


•     The preparation that goes into your deck BEFORE the deck skins are applied.

•     3/4 inch tongue and groove plywood is used.

•     "Slope" is created for better drainage.

•     "Glued and screwed" is the only way to guarantee long-term success.

•     Removal of sliding doors to make the waterproof properties work perfectly.

•     The outside edge of your deck where the railing is - how it gets waterproofed.

•     Defining "slope" and its importance.

•     Directed water shedding.

•     Making the deck skins tighter and tighter over time.

•     The aluminum apparatus with the water-directional finished edge around your deck.

•     Mechanically fastening the perimeter of your deck.

•     Avoiding mold remediation.


    (This is an interview that ran recently in the Dependable Floor Products industry trade publication.  This article isn't really written for consumers.  It is written for professionals that work with decking and flooring applications on a daily basis.  It is in this professional grade world that Grant Barlow distinguishes himself as the professional of choice among his peers.  There is technical information in this article that may help you in your quest to have a completely waterproof deck.)

Relies on DEPENDABLE® For Surface Prep
Waterproof Vinyl Decking Installer Advocate of SKIMCOAT

My WaterProof

Relies on DEPENDABLE® For Surface Prep
Waterproof Vinyl Decking Installer Advocate of SKIMCOAT

SKIMCOAT™ is a great product. It is a unique material that has a long history and a great following of loyal users. The product flat out performs on a consistent basis. Its consistency is one of the reasons users will remain loyal. I am always intrigued by stories of unique uses or applications for the product. I normally think of SKIMCOAT™ as a product to prepare the substrate of an interior floor for floor covering. That is until I met Grant Barlow.

Grant Barlow is the Managing Director of My WaterProof Life, Ltd, based in Cleveland, OH. My WaterProof Life Ltd. is a distributor / installer of waterproof vinyl sheet decking material - Duradek. As part of his installation process, Grant uses SKIMCOAT™ and WHITE LATEX LIQUID® to prepare the substrate, outside or in, for the installation of the waterproof deck material.


Grant has been installing Duradek systems since 2000. What started as a small part of his overall business has turned into 100% of his business. Grant’s company My WaterProof Life Ltd. is a distributor / installer for the state of Ohio. Duradek is manufactured in the U.S. and sold throughout North America. It is a thick (60 mil) polyester reinforced fabric that is designed as a waterproof pedestrian deck membrane. It is a tough durable product, available in a variety of colors and textures, that holds up to weathering, UV, and other abuses like shoveling. It is also non skid when it is wet or dry. Duradek has a complete system that is installed by trained applicators (like My WaterProof Life Ltd). My Waterproof Life Ltd. extends a 30 year warranty on their elevated deck installations.  The Duradek product has code approval as both a roofing product and a pedestrian traffic membrane.

The majority of Duradek applications are exterior – balconies, roof decks, pool decks, and garage floors. Interior applications, however, are not uncommon. Areas subjected to water and require protection against penetration into the substrate are ideal for Duradek, such as shower rooms, locker rooms, and mechanical rooms. Substrates will typically be either wood or concrete. Wood decks are first covered with ¾” tongue and groove exterior grade plywood. The plywood is fastened with counter sunk screws. SKIMCOAT is then applied at the seams and over the screws along with any other area requiring attention to create a smooth substrate. Part of the decking installation is proper sloping, away from the building and toward drains. From time to time the SKIMCOAT™ is used to help create slope. 

Grant uses SKIMCOAT™ because it is consistent. It is smooth spreading and great for finishing. But one of the most important aspects is timing. It dries faster than any other patching product he has tried, including cement based products, which allows him to continue with the installation. Some of the other products that Duradekhave been tried will require drying for several hours or overnight, where as, the SKIMCOAT™ allows them to sand or grind after 45 minutes. Time is money and the SKIMCOAT™ allows the job to stay on schedule. Grant also commented on the flexibility of the SKIMCOAT™ & WHITE LATEX LIQUID ideal for those wooden deck installations.

Grant has been installing Duradek for nearly ten years and has been involved with all sorts of interesting projects. A job completed just last year involved waterproofing exterior balconies on a condominium complex. The balconies were constructed of a 2” concrete topping over precast concrete plank. The underside, or ceiling of the unit below, was made of wood. The balconies were thought to have a waterproof membrane under the concrete topping, but upon investigation, it was found there was simply a 6 mil sheet of polyethylene (certainly not waterproofing). The complex invested in a stone flooring product but it did not provide the needed waterproofing. Water was leaking through the entire system causing rotting of the wooden ceilings. In these situations, Duradek instructs their installers to walk away from the job because the concrete is wet. It can not be dried and if the product is installed the water will drive up and cause bond problems for the Duradek. Moisture will move as the sun beats on the surface and heats the system.   

Instead of walking away, Grant was able to offer a solution. He used Vaporseal DB to control the moisture in the concrete and then prepared the surface with Polyskim and installed the Duradek.

DeckThrough his line of work, Grant has provided solutions to all sorts of customer problems, which keeps those customers coming back. We have enjoyed a very good relationship with Grant and My WaterProof Life Ltd. He has come to rely on DEPENDABLE for

  1. His go to product – SKIMCOAT;
  2. A variety of products to help provide solutions for substrate problems, and
  3. Knowledge. Grant attended training at DEPENDABLE and has become certified for the VAPORSEAL system. The information and knowledge gained has helped in constructing solutions for his customers.

To learn more about My WaterProof Life Ltd. and see their products, visit their website,